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"The Root of the Gardern Route"


I was always curious about the Rastafarian Community that lives in Knysna. Over the years I heard of festivals and celebrations that takes place in the community.


21 - 31 July 2008

The annual Rastafarian Earth Festival takes place in Judah Square from the 21-31 July.As with every Rastafarian Festival there would be big celebrations, live music and lots of entertainment.

Out of curiosity about Judah Square I grabed the chance when I finally had the opportunity to go there and learn more about this very special place.

I was on a roadtrip in the Garden Route with el' Doctore, when we dicded to go find Judah Square, so that we can meet some people and so that I can do some photography.Being the photojournalist that I am, I always try to find people, places and things that people don't always see.

Like I have said before, we live in such a vibrant, beautifull and exiting country.I would like to explore every inch or this rainbow nation.

We met Brother Winston by chance.

In the middle of the main road in the community we bumped into him. He invited us into his house and we were shown around the village and introduced to some interesting people.Brother Winston is a musician.

Reggae Ambassadors Band.




Unfortunately I have not had the chance to listen to their music yet, but buy the sound of it and confirmation from other members in the community; they are very good and very busy. They play in bars and at backpackers around the Garden Route. The minute I have a schedule I will post it here. I am looking forward to seeing them live in one of their gigs.

The community welcomes tourists daily and on the notice board in the road that goes through the main buildings in the community, there are daily posts that inform members of the community of workshops, and general things that happens every day.

The community followes an holistic aproach to living and they are involved in many comminity projects that sustains the natural environment and also projects that involves tourism.

I found the brothers and sisters that we met, very friendly and they offerd us a homestay with one of the families on our next visit.I am looking forward to that.

Ill definately be there for the festival.

I am- and forever will be a reggae fan. I have lived and worked in the Caribbean for some time and when I listen to reggae, I am transported back to tropical Islands hammocks and Blue Margaritas…

I cried the last time I left Jamaica, because I knew that I might not ever go back.

There is something about rhythms and drumming that makes me feel at home.

After all I am African.


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For a community guided tour please contact Brother Paul @ 073 117 6103 or Brother Maxi @ 084 205 8305

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